West Virginia Asbestos Exposure

While West Virginia is 27th in the U.S. for asbestos exposure, it still has several high-risk locations. The Military also heavily utilized the mineral in many construction capacities. Asbestos is a cancer-causing agent connected to mesothelioma that was once used in many industries due to its durability and resistance to fire, electricity, and chemical corrosion.

High-Risk Areas

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral and can be found in mines and other rock and soil deposits deep within the earth. West Virginia poses risks to miners in the area because of the many coal beds that West Virginia has. Other occupations at risk in this state include:

  • Electricians
  • Steel Workers
  • Construction and demolition crews
  • Logging teams
  • Shipyard workers
  • Mechanics
  • Teachers
This is an image representing an occupation likely to be exposed to asbestos.


Some worksites are notorious for exposure. This could be because the owner or managers didn’t realize the mineral was in their structures, or because of negligence. Some industrial sites in West Virginia that have had issues with contamination in the past are:

  • Analine Chemical
  • Dupont
  • Island Creek Coal
  • Manville Powerhouse

Superfund Job Sites

Superfund job sites are places that the EPA has recognized the presence of asbestos and properly facilitated the removal of the hazardous chemical. Some locations in West Virginia include:

Site Name West Virginia City Human Exposure Under Control Site-wide Ready for Future Use
This is an image representing older aged structures that are likely filled with asbestos

Homes and Other Aged Structures

Structures built before the 1970s have a lot more risk for asbestos, as it was used heavily in construction before that time. In Tyler County, the 103-year old Tyler County Home was found to have asbestos within its walls. Debates have been going back and forth about whether to completely tear down the structure or just remove the mineral.

In South Charleston West Virginia, there are multiple homes in the South Charleston neighborhood that had to have the mineral removed. The project began in 2019, and when it’s complete, it will have removed the toxin from 30 other homes.

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Asbestos Regulations in West Virginia

Several national and West Virginian organizations take action toward protecting their residents from hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and reducing the chances of asbestos exposure. One of those organizations is the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources. State regulations against the mineral do tend to change. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) fought for removing the mineral from the market by placing bans on production, development, and distribution of asbestos-products in 1989 and again in 2019.

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The National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants, or NESHAP, is a set of regulations put in place by the government to help protect residents and surrounding environments against exposure to the mineral. The NESHAP maintains that business owners and operators be adequately licensed and certified to work with the pollutant while providing at least ten working days’ notice before beginning any demolition or construction projects that may disturb the harmful asbestos fibers.

This is an image representing the state of west virginia's regulations.

National and State Laws

West Virginia follows federal requirements for asbestos exposure in general industry (insulation, automotive repair, construction, the manufacture of asbestos products), and for exposure of employees during asbestos abatement activities (repair, demolition, and removal). Other West Virginia state laws require the proper training of individuals involved with handling the mineral, as well as dictate the specific fines and violations attained from not following state or national laws. Penalties can be as high as $50,000 if there are enough subsequent violations.

Legal Recourse for West Virginia Residents

A diagnosis with an asbestos-related condition can mean that someone’s at fault. Individuals exposed to harmful toxins have legal rights, and should not have been allowed to work in those toxic environments. The responsibility usually falls on the owner or managers of the occupation or the producer of asbestos-products. An experienced attorney can walk you through determining legal recourse.

Treatment Centers Near West Virginia

Being diagnosed with mesothelioma or other asbestos-related condition can be a frightening time for patients. It helps to have an experienced doctor to consult in, one who has treated patients with similar illnesses. Cancer medical centers provide just that, medical professionals with experience in similar cases. West Virginia doesn’t have a cancer treatment center within its borders, so we’ve listed centers in the surrounding states.




North Carolina

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