Scholarship Requirements

  • Have current enrollment in a U.S. 4-year or 2-year university or trade school
  • Reach or exceed 18 years of age before submission
  • Write a relevant essay between 800-1500 words
  • Include two letters of recommendation
  • A headshot that can be featured in announcements if selected
  • Submit all documents by the deadline: December 31, 2021

Winners will be announced, January 31, 2021, by phone and email.

If you’re unsure whether your trade or profession qualifies for the scholarship, please check the Eligible Profession and Trades section. If yours isn’t listed, feel free to email any questions to us at [email protected].

Steps to Apply

  1. Write Essay
    Submissions must explore the topics listed below. We request a length between 800-1500 words. Students may use the listed supplemental writing prompts to start.
  2. Gather Documents
    Download and fill out the application. Assemble the required scholarship documents (listed above). 
  3. Submit Scholarship Materials
    In an email, attach your personal essay, headshot, proof of enrollment, and two letters of recommendation. Send your email to [email protected].

Mesothelioma Hub will contact finalists to obtain official trade school or university transcripts and current class schedules.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place Winners

  • 1st place will receive a $1000 payment sent directly to the student’s trade school or university
  • Promotion on our website and social media accounts
  • Highlight in Mesothelioma Hub press release
  • Resume builder achievement


Eligible students interested in the Mesothelioma Awareness Scholarship must submit an essay covering one of the following topics:

  • Promote awareness of mesothelioma, asbestos, asbestos exposure, or asbestos-related cancers or illnesses. 
  • Demonstrate relevant information about mesothelioma causes, potential risk factors, treatments, clinical trials, or emerging research.
  • Highlight personal experiences related to asbestos or mesothelioma.

Writing Prompt Ideas

  • Personal experience you (or a loved one) have with asbestos-related cancers
  • News of emerging mesothelioma treatments and how they may affect patients
  • Related training you’ve had about the dangers of asbestos
  • Military experience with mesothelioma or asbestos
  • Occupational safety regulations or recommendations on avoiding asbestos exposure
  • Personal experience with the mental, emotional, or spiritual effects of having, losing, or knowing someone with mesothelioma or going through treatment
  • Proven research or new discoveries in asbestos exposure
  • Clinical trial news for mesothelioma treatments
  • Treating, taking care of, or otherwise medically supporting a mesothelioma patient

Eligible Professions & Trades 

  • Military Service: Automotive Mechanic / Carpentry / Cement Work / Construction / Demolition / Flooring Insulation / Manufacturing / Shipyard Work / Aviation Machinist Mate / Boiler Technicians / Gunner’s Mate / Engineman / Vehicle Maintenance Worker / Navy Seabee
  • Trade Careers: Bricklayer / Bulldozer Operator / Carpenter / Crane Operators / Demolition Crew / Drywaller / Electrician / Insulation Worker / Painter / Pipefitter / Plasterer / Plumber / Railroad Worker / Renovation Worker / Roofer / Tile Setter / Insulation Installer / Landscaper / Firefighter
  • Mechanical Careers: Auto Mechanic / HVAC Installer Machinist / Mechanical Drafter / Locksmith / Mechanical Drafter / Mechanical Insulator / Elevator Mechanic / Mechanical Installer / Brake Technician
  • Industrial Careers: Steam Engineer / Cargo Freight Agent / Ironworker / Line Installer and Repairer / Paving Equipment Operator / Metal Fabricator / Asbestos Worker
  • Medical Careers: Dental Assistant / Paramedic / Phlebotomist / Respiratory Therapist / Clinical Laboratory Technician 
  • Secondary Vocational Education Tracks: Business and Office / Marketing and Distribution / Health Occupational Home Economics / Trade and Industry / Technical and Communications

Mesothelioma Support Team

Mesothelioma Hub is dedicated to helping you find information, support, and advice. Reach out any time!