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Cardiologists specialize in treating heart-related issues. In rare cases, patients with pericardial mesothelioma may be referred to see a cardiologist for further treatment.

Gastroenterologists specialize in the treatment of diseases of the stomach and liver. Patients with peritoneal mesothelioma may be sent to a gastroenterologist for further treatment.

Histopathologists specialize in the study of diseased cells. Their primary role is to analyze your biopsies. This doctor can play an essential role in identifying the type of mesothelioma you have, as well as determining a viable course of treatment.

Medical Oncologist
Medical oncologists are doctors who specialize in treating cancer with medicines such as chemotherapy.

Pulmonologists specialize in treating lung and respiratory diseases. This type of doctor usually assists with the diagnostic process and can help pleural mesothelioma patients establish a pulmonary rehabilitation regimen of exercise, diet, and breathing techniques.

Radiation Oncologist
Radiation oncologists specialize in treating cancer with radiation therapy.

Radiologists oversee the imaging tests used to diagnose mesothelioma, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and PET scans. These tests may also be used to help monitor the progress of treatment to see if the tumors are getting larger or smaller.

Surgical Oncologist
Surgical oncologists are doctors who treat cancer with surgery.

Thoracic Surgeon
Thoracic surgeons are specialized surgical oncologists who treat the lungs and chest. Patients with pleural mesothelioma typically receive treatment from thoracic surgeons.

Mesothelioma Hotline

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Mesothelioma Hotline

We’re here for you every step of the way.

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