How to Pronounce Mesothelioma

We aren’t linguists, but we understand how difficult it is to pronounce certain words – especially ones in the health and medical fields. Even the most educated individuals may struggle with knowing how to pronounce mesothelioma and other cancer-related terms.

If you’re wondering why this is, one contributing factor can be that most medical terminology doesn’t originate from the English language. Several health-related words have a Latin and Greek base that can be tricky to pick up for those with English as a first language. This includes most people in the U.S. affected by asbestos exposure.

Take the word “pulmonary,” for example. The root word, pulmo, is a Latin word that actually means “lung” in English. Another complicated medical term, “mesothelioma” can be especially difficult to pronounce. But don’t worry. Let us tell you how exactly to pronounce mesothelioma. 

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Ways to Pronounce Mesothelioma

Here are some helpful spellings that can teach you exactly how to pronounce “mesothelioma.” When reading these phonetic versions, say each part and pause at the dashes. Additionally, if you want to hear how it’s pronounced, click on way #1 or way #2 for an audio example:

[ Way # 1:  mee-so-thee-lee-oh-muh ]

[ Way # 2: meh-zuh-thee-lee-oh-muh ]

See how easy it can be? You don’t have to be a doctor to get it right. Both ways of pronouncing the term are well-known and acceptable.

Origins of the Word

Looking back at the history of the word, you can find that it dates back as far as 1899 and has new Latin origins. Overall, “mesothelioma” is a noun that’s used to define tumors that grow in the mesothelial (“mee-so-thee-lee-all”) tissue, or the attached cells that encompass several major organs.

The term meso refers to the word “middle.” The Latin oma means “morbid growth tumor.” Both words attach to the term “epithelium,” which refers to layers of cells that grow close together and form continuous sheets of protective tissue. They’re meant to cover and protect the surfaces of specific organs within the body. These include the lungs (pleura), the abdomen (peritoneum), and the heart (pericardium).

Related Terms

Now that you know how to pronounce mesothelioma, here are other related terms in the dictionary: mesothelium and mesothelia. Pronounced “mee -so-thee-lee-um” and “mee-so-thee-lee-uh,” respectively. Mesothelia and its plural form of mesothelium refer to the epithelium around the lungs, abdomen, and heart.

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